XIM coin provides fast, feeless, secure payments between international exporters, importers and manufacturer sales agents.

Browser wallet

View your account, send XIM
and Generate new addresses

Android wallet

Open source XIM mobile wallet
Import, generate or activate XIM accounts
Chinese 中文, Hindi हिंदी, Urdu اردو & Russian русский language support

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As the exclusive currency for ExportID and ExportBureau global business network, all validated members receive a
free 100,000 XIM wallet

Use Cases

XIM is the fast, low cost alternative when compared with traditional bank account telegraphic transfers.
Exporters and importers specifically face difficulties when doing international transactions through traditional financial services.

  • Business to business transactions
  • Person to person transactions
  • Transfer XIM between any XIM account address
  • Easily exchange for other currencies
Many companies offer free product samples but scammers take advantage of this generosity. At the same time is it too costly in time and effort for potiential buyers to send a small payment internationally through the banking system for just a few samples. XIM solves this with its instant small micropayment ability.
  • Use to pay small unexpected costs
  • Use to refund any broken items
  • Use to pay shipping costs
  • Use to validate profiles
  • Timed payments with smart contracts
  • Use for advertising
  • Gift friends and clients when money payments are inappropriate


About xim

For over 20 years we have served the export import companies of the world and now we bring together those extensive networks to deploy the first global export import business crypto coin.



  • Second factor authentication
  • PassWindow authentication
  • Google authenticator
  • Offshore legal protection
  • IT security team

Fast & open



Technology platform

XIM coin is a trusted token built on the Stellar blockchain.

Built-in decentralized exchange

  • Does not rely on a third party exchange
  • World-class front-end
  • Cheapest rates between any two assets
  • Very low trading fees

Greater security

  • Simplicity creates fewer pitfalls
  • More auditable code
  • No forking of the original code

Significantly cheaper and faster

  • Only 2-5 seconds compared to 3-15 minutes
  • We cover all transaction fees on ExportID
  • Fee purely to prevent network spam
  • Escrow ability built in

Based in Hong Kong, XIM provides cross-border payment services to international exporters, importers and manufacturer sales agents. Adoption includes export companies on the worldwide ExportID.com and ExportBureau.com trade network.

Example ExportID XIM Wallet

All verified ExportID profiles are gifted XIM 100,000

 Total XIM: 100,000

XIM live price widget calculator for your website

Simply paste this code into your business website so your customers can instantly calculate the XIM:USD price

Example: <iframe style="position:fixed; right:25px; top:25px; z-index:100;" src="https://price.ximcoin.com/" height="190" width="160" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" scrolling="no" style="background-color: gray"></iframe>

XIM buy now button widget for your website products

Put this simple code into your company website then edit your product USD price, color and XIM account and a simple buy now button will appear with the USD and equivalent live XIM price.
Euro (eur_price) and Chinese Yuan (cny_price) prices also possible.

Live example button

Copy and paste the above code into your website, then manually enter your own product USD, EUR or CNY price, color selection gray/white/black and then your XIM account address. Customers XIM mobile payment app will detect your account automatically and they can then send the USD equivalent shown in XIM directly to your account or they can copy your account address directly into another XIM wallet.

Example of three buttons with different prices: <script type="text/javascript" src="https://ximcoin.com/buy/v1/button.js"></script>
<div name="xim-button" data-xim-config="usd_price:5; color:gray; account:GBLGJLPJ7FC5NAUWF6YTX66OBHFOD6LDYMVAS5QTPA4WI7IZTB65FBSO;"></div>
<div name="xim-button" data-xim-config="usd_price:9.99; color:white; account:GBLGJLPJ7FC5NAUWF6YTX66OBHFOD6LDYMVAS5QTPA4WI7IZTB65FBSO;"></div>
<div name="xim-button" data-xim-config="usd_price:100; color:black; account:GBLGJLPJ7FC5NAUWF6YTX66OBHFOD6LDYMVAS5QTPA4WI7IZTB65FBSO;"></div>
<div name="xim-button" data-xim-config="eur_price:100; color:white; account:GBLGJLPJ7FC5NAUWF6YTX66OBHFOD6LDYMVAS5QTPA4WI7IZTB65FBSO;"></div>
<div name="xim-button" data-xim-config="cny_price:10; color:white; account:GBLGJLPJ7FC5NAUWF6YTX66OBHFOD6LDYMVAS5QTPA4WI7IZTB65FBSO;"></div>
You can display as many XIM buy buttons on your website as you like.
*in Euros*in CN Yuan

XIM structure

Company structure below.

Company registered in Hong Kong since Feb 2006

Frequent questions

The key factor which sets XIM apart from other coins is the broad existing business network already behind it.

Why should this coin be trusted?

For 20 years we have been involved in online global trade networks through ExportBureau, ExportID and various export import ancillary services such as currency transfer. No other crypto company has such a long distinguished history in the field.

Do I fully control my XIM?

Yes like ordinary currency you have full control to move, sell or spend it however you like. Exchanges can transfer it into any other coin or hard local currency.

Do I have to be a member of ExportID to buy or use XIM?

No, anyone can use or buy XIM using the wallets above or any stellar compatible wallet.

Can I create a ExportID account just to get the free 100k XIM?

ExportID has a long and rigorous application process and specifically only accepts factory export & import sales agents.

Can i move my XIM off your network?

Yes, ExportID members can move or send the money anywhere they like, to their own wallets or to other exchanges.

Why stellar platform?

Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost.

Does XIM have inflation?

No, the Stellar network has the ability to add inflation to its assets and in fact the base Lumens which power the transactions have a 1% annual inflationary model designed to keep its price forever low. After much consultation we found that users appreciated and value the non inflationary aspect much like precious metals and most crypto currencies and therefore XIM has no inflation.

Why do you ask for ID to buy XIM?

Due to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) laws we kindly ask for a government issued ID to prevent marketing to countries where crypto law is not yet clear, including the United States, China and Hong Kong ID holders.

Why 10 trillion coins?

Annual export of goods and services is over 50 trillion and the majority of our members are in developing nations, accustomed to large number transactions. XIM is a non inflationary coin and there is no way to create more. As a long term company we are future focused and will not reapeat a bitcoin situation where items become priced in many decimals.

When will companies accept XIM for goods?

As the currency gains adoption we should see acceptance however initially it will be used in many of the use cases outlined above.

How can I integrate this into my business website?

A payment API will be available soon.

Please feel free to ask any questions about XIM

millions of members

With over 2,500,000 active global import companies, 500,000 exporters and manufacturing sales agents XIM is well positioned to become the currency of global trade.

Our Team

We are a group of computer scientists from all over the world passionate about this new approach to the stock market.

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Please contact us for details on how you can get involved with this exciting project.

Novelty Physical coin

One of our fans created this novelty XIM coin in 18k gold.

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